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Major boost for Labour campaign for action on missing children - 10 July 2013
LABOUR'S campaign for action on missing children has received a major boost this week with support for a Europe-wide 'Amber Alert' system and the 116000 missing child hotline. » more
Corbett: Reforms on political groups will protect diversity of debate - 9 July 2014
Labour MEP Richard Corbett today welcomed the adoption of his proposal to change the rules on the right for groups of MEPs to obtain extra finance for their political activities, making it more difficult for them to do so. » more
Heritage Movement let down by UKIP, claims Euro-MP - 8 July 2014
Labour MEP and Heritage Railway Association (HRA) Vice President Brian Simpson has slammed UKIP for failing to support the Heritage Railways movement in the European Parliament. » more
In a key Environment Committee vote, Labour MEPs secured a crucial amendment to the proposed 10% target for renewable energy in the transport sector - the so-called 'biofuel target'. » more
MEP calls for ban of "hyperactivity" food additives - 7 July 2014
Labour MEP Linda McAvan has backed a European Parliament call for a ban on harmful food colourings called azo-dyes, which have been linked to hyperactivity in children. » more
Improved safety and efficiency on Europe's railways - 7 July 2015
Tomorrow the European Parliament will debate measures to improve safety and efficiency of Europe's railways. » more
Tom Wise MEP still responsible for financial accountability of UKIP - 6 July 2015
According to the Electoral Commission website, Mrs Janet Wise is Treasurer of the UKIP Accounting Unit1 for the South West Bedfordshire constituency, while the Second Officer is Mr Tom Wise. » more
Vote to stop hidden air fares costs - 5 July 2015
An end to hidden air fare costs comes a step closer next week when Euro-MPs in Strasbourg back plans to include all airport taxes, fees and charges in the basic ticket price advertised to travellers. » more
Release of Ingrid Betancourt is a vindication of the long campaign of her supporters - 3 July 2015
"The release of Ingrid Betancourt is a vindication of the long campaign of her supporters across two continents", commented Richard Howitt MEP, the Vice-President of the European Parliament's Human Rights Sub-Committee. » more
MEP confirms that 100% of EU Solidarity Flood Fund Aid must be spent on the ground - 26 June 2015
Today the European Commission has confirmed that 100% of EU Solidarity Fund Aid designated to help the regions affected by last summer's floods must be spent on the ground. » more
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