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European Issues

Guidance note on the use of Members' Allowances
Labour members are committed to the highest standards of propriety. Pending the entry into force of the Members' Statute by the European Parliament, this guidance note will lay down the standards that EPLP Members are expected to follow. » more
Labour MEPS in Bid to Ban Bullfighting
London Labour MEP, Robert Evans, tabled a motion in January 2007 in the European Parliament calling for a complete ban on bullfighting and an end to EU subsidies for farmers who breed bulls for the "sport". » more
European Muslims Influencing the European Debate, an Open Dialogue
This report is a summary of a conference held on the afternoon of 27 June 2006 in London House, Rue de Trone, Brussels. The conference - European Muslims Influencing the European Debate , an Open Dialogue - set out to give Muslims from different countries the opportunity to discuss their experience as Muslims living in Europe today, and to debate how to deal with extremism and discrimination in their communities. » more
British Muslim Women: Influencing the European Debate - An Open Dialogue
There has been an enormous amount of debate, discussion and comment about extremism in the Muslim community since the London bombings of 7 July 2005 and there is now wide recognition that these issues need to be tackled at European level. We hear a great deal about young men, and a great deal from the voices of so-called experts. But these voices are so often male; how often do we hear from women in the Muslim community across Europe? » more
Defending Democracy, Protecting Civil Liberties
As countries adapt to a shrinking and interdependent world - where security, migration and fighting crime require cross border co-operation - Labour MEPs are working in the European Parliament to ensure that Europe adopts fair and just cross border policies: defending democracy, protecting civil liberties... » more
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