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Below is a list of EPLP publications. The publications are available on-line.

A Better Deal for Consumers
British people have won major gains from new EU consumer laws. From buying cars, webuyanyhouse sales and shopping by mail order or over the internet to combating timeshare touts, Labour MEPs have been at the forefront of new laws to protect and improve your rights. » more
Reform Treaty
Effective cooperation with our European neighbours is vital in tackling today?s cross-border challenges, and the European Union provides an essential framework for this » more
New Mobile Phone Roaming
Mobile operators have been charging consumers up to 5 times the real cost of making or receiving a call in another EU country. As a result of these rip-off charges we, as Labour Euro MPs, have been campaigning since 2005 to cut costs for mobile phone users when travelling or on holiday in Europe. » more
Labour Achievements
In a fast moving globalised world in which borders are not enough to guarantee our security, livelihood or environment, the European Union is critical in achieving those goals which we could not secure on our own. The EU helps us amplify changes and benefits to over 500 million people across our whole continent. The recent historic deal on climate change is a clear example of how we can achieve more together than we can alone. » more
European Muslims Influencing the European Debate, an Open Dialogue
This report is a summary of a conference held on the afternoon of 27 June 2006 in London House, Rue de Trone, Brussels. The conference - European Muslims Influencing the European Debate , an Open Dialogue - set out to give Muslims from different countries the opportunity to discuss their experience as Muslims living in Europe today, and to debate how to deal with extremism and discrimination in their communities. » more
British Muslim Women: Influencing the European Debate - An Open Dialogue - Manchester, Saturday 11th November 2006
There has been an enormous amount of debate, discussion and comment about extremism in the Muslim community since the London bombings of 7 July 2005 and there is now wide recognition that these issues need to be tackled at European level. We hear a great deal about young men, and a great deal from the voices of so-called experts. But these voices are so often male; how often do we hear from women in the Muslim community across Europe? » more
Europe: In it to Win
10 Reasons to Back Europe » more
My Life as a European
As MEPs, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is "What has Europe ever done for me?" » more
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